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Get all the benefits with AGI drop-and-hook service.

Less wasted time. Better Flexibility. Less Manual Labor.All that in drop-and-hook service that AGI can now offer.


Although drop and hook service is a simple process, it is the optimal choice because it simply reduces downtime, which makes your deliviries as effective as possible.This is a good alternative which helps you avoid the expensive method of live loading and unloading. Lack of extra labor and less wasted time, makes the drop and hook incredibly beneficial to both shippers and carriers.

Time waiting is money wasted. This is why AGI Trucking offers a maintaned network of well trained experts and experienced drivers that can ensure smooth process of moving your freight between two points as fast and effecient as possible. There is no need for you to coordinate pickup and delivery appointments. Our drivers will simply arrive in time to drop off a trailer and pick up another.



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