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Get the most out of FTL freight shipping

As a passionate carrier, the team at AGI Trucking treat every shipment with care, attention and no exceptions.


If you are looking for a reliable FTL carrier, we have the ability to meet all of your reqirements. We are mainly focused on long and medium haul but can also provide short haul dry van services. Our 24/7 dispatch and experienced drivers can guarantee that your load makes it to their intended destination as fast as possible.

We know that choosing the right type of carrier to meet your company's needs is an important task. AGI Trucking can provide excellent customer service that is responsive to all your questions and concerns. Our team pay attention to detail and can get your job done on the quickest timeline at the best price. 


If you are interested in learning more aboout how we can best suit your needs and meet all your expetetions please do not delay and contact us today at (847) 466-7706.

If you already have all the details you can request a quote by clicking here or complete our quick quote form below.


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